There are a lot of things I’ve learned in this life. I have been grateful to have the mentors and friends in my life who have helped me develop the tools of influence that I’ve gained through the years. One thing to remember is that tools of influence can be used for good or bad; it is all about your intention behind them. If you are trying to find a magic trick to get women to go to bed with you or to go after money in a selfish way, then leave the site now because I don’t want you here. If you are here to change the world we live in for the better, then reach out, engage, leave your opinion and the things that you have learned.

My name is Jeremiah and these are my opinions on influence that I have learned from some of the greatest mentors I have ever known and have applied them to the industries I have had the pleasure of working in. I have a background in leadership, sales, entrepreneurship, and personal and professional coaching. The combination of learning and doing has led me to this point where I want to give back. I know that if you can glean even one piece of information from me here and you take it and apply it, then I have made a difference and that is what I’ve set out to do.

Thanks for stopping by!

-Jeremiah Berry

Gotta love the influence coffee has on the body and soul


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