3 Marketing Strategies to Explode Your Business in the Next 30 Days Guaranteed!

I just got done watching “Trophy Wife” on ABC with my wife in bed, but I wasn’t ready for bed yet, so I let her conk out at 9:30pm while I get some time to myself to go on Facebook and play around on the internet. I open up my Facebook account and the first post up is for an entreprenuer marketing seminar that’s going on next month and it got me thinking…nuke

When it comes to marketing, what are the top 3 most influential and quickest ways to get business up and going if you are a start-up, or that any business owner could use at any and all points of their business and get immediate results?

So I sat down on my computer and wrote down the top 3 ways that I have noticed have always created success in my business and others’ whether it was just starting out or whether it just needed a quick breath to resuscitate it. (plus I threw in a quick tip to set it in overdrive…but don’t tell anyone…shh).


Go out and tell people what you’re doing

Seriously! It may sound simple, but a lot of entrepreneurs (myself included) forget this simple basic principle of marketing. At it’s purest and very basic essence, this is what marketing is. It doesn’t have to be a bunch of fancy tactics, although those can come in handy later on in certain aspects, yet this is the core and if you bring yourself back to the core of something it can help you to think outside of the box. Here’s something you can do right now if you want: Go to Facebook. Ok, now that you’ve opened up another tab and gone to Facebook and now you’re reading on, your next step is this…ready?…message people and ask them what’s new…then (get this! it’s important!) Listen and care about what they have to say, then when they ask you what you’ve been up to, mention what you are doing as far as business is concerned, surrounded by what else is going on in your life. Remember this: DO NOT PITCH THEM!!!! The mention of your business should be one sentence at most. Then at the end of your message back to them, ask them a follow up question pertaining to them and their life, like, “I noticed you just got a new job, how’s that going?”. I can’t tell you how many clients I’ve gotten just by using this simple method of reaching out and connecting with people and simply mentioning what I’ve been up to. It keeps it top of mind for them and if they want to know more, they will ask. And, they appreciate the fact that you aren’t pressuring them into buying something from you.


Connect with People you haven’t connected with in a while

This can pertain to Facebook in strategy #1 above, but this also involves any other form of communication (email, phone, smoke signals, carrier pigeon). Reach out to people. Let them know that you care. Ask them good, quality questions (saving the topic of quality questions for a future post so stay tuned!). Again, if they ask you what you’ve been up to then you can briefly mention what you’ve been doing in business, but keep this conversation as one that is reestablishing connection with them. You don’t want to start out that conversation with a sales pitch. A good rule of thumb that I stole from “Jab, Jab, Jab, Right Hook” by Gary Vaynerchuk, is to build the relationship before you sell anything. Another personal mentor of mine, Bob Donnell, talks about having enough relationship currency established before you can make s withdrawal. So, let your initial contacts with those you haven’t connected with in a while be ones of genuinely wanting to reestablish the relationship. I have notice that even when you do that, you will get clients because you are being genuine…and people like people who are real.


Find your ideal strategic referral partners and reach out

With this one, you want to think what it is that you can offer them and not just how they can benefit you. Think long and hard about this one. My suggestion is to take a piece of paper and put a circle with you in the middle. Then draw a set of rings radiating from the center so that you page looks like an overhead view of saturn and it’s rings with your business labeled in the center of saturn. Next, in the first ring, write all of the direct people who relate to your business and industry who could be strategic referral partners for you. Then, in the next ring, think about who is maybe outside of the box a little from your first ring, then follow in suit as you go ring by ring until the last ring (usually ring 3 or 4) is as far out of the box you can go without going too crazy. After that, choose 2 in each category to tackle first. Then write down the qualities that you want in a strategic partner. Then figure out what it is that you can do for them. After that, start reaching out to those potential partners and don’t be afraid to ask what you could do for them if you don’t know yet. I’m sure they will come up with something and if you ask, they will tell you. Then you can use those answers to move forward with people in the future.

Bonus Golden Tip: If you can find a way to create a product that benefits your referral partner’s client and makes the referral partner look like Superman to their client, then you can charge your referral partners a nominal fee and create residual income from that. Then you get money from the referrer and the referee. Double hit, bam! (the key question to ask is, “If you could do x for your client (x being what you’re offering their client through them), then in your opinion, is that something that would be valuable to you and your client?” If they say yes, then ask them possibly one other question like, “And if x included y, would that give it even more value?” and they say yes again, then go for the sale by telling them something along the lines of, “Awesome! I am so happy we could figure something out that will make you look good to your client and let you client know that you value them as more than just another face on the street or number in your book.” Then proceed to tell them what it costs and what else it entails and end with asking for the payment. If they’ve already told you that it would be valuable to them and to their client, then it wouldn’t make any sense for them to say they don’t want it at this point…especially since they were the ones that told you. All you did was ask. Now does this mean they won’t have objections? Of course not, but we’ve got some other blogs going that will help you handle those.

Now, have I given you some things that you can take and run with even now? I hope I have.

Are you better equipped to take on the world after reading this? I hope you are.

If this blog has helped you in any way, I would love to hear about it. Just leave a quick comment below with what helped you the most and if you feel so inclined, go ahead and share this post with others who you think might benefit from it’s content. Thanks for reading! Cheers!